About Us

Nothing can beat years of expertise, and with our leading talents at PureBarber Inc, you can be assured of a quality cut and style every time you visit. Based in Bristol, a bustling and vibrant city known for its rich history, streetwear, art and urban culture, PureBarber Inc offers an experience that is more than just a haircut or a quick trim.

Consisting of four barbers, Fabio, Roberto, Tom, and Marco, we combine years of experience and the intricate luxury precision of Italian craftsmanship. The merging of two successful barbers with over 50 years of experience, we want to create a new exciting and fresh luxury barbering experience that is a cut above the rest. Not only are we barbers by trade, but we are also practically family, taught by our
father Giacomo. So once stepping into our premium barbers, we will make you feel like you are at home.

An authentic Italian barber, Fabio creates both contemporary and classic looks for his clients using an impressive 30 years of experience in the trade. A seasoned veteran, Fabio has also taught a range of student barbers. You can never miss Fabio once you have stepped into PureBarber Inc, an individual strong character, he is guaranteed to put a smile on your face once you step through the day.

With 30 years of experience underneath his belt, Roberto trained in cutting hair under the watchful eye of his father. Roberto loves treating his clients with the individual recognition they deserve, giving them something new every time they step through the door. Roberto believes that he wouldn’t be here today without the support of his PureBarber Inc family and his loyal customers.

Attracted to the man cave of Giacomo’s, Marco quickly fell in love with the world of barbering. Marco quickly showed that he possessed a natural talent, cutting his friend’s hair at just the tender age of 14. Now with a valuable 20 years of experience, and an established clientele,

Marco specialises in younger men’s haircuts, easily creating a dynamic and exciting style that his clients love. Alongside cutting hair, Marco loves football, happily chatting about it with his clients for hours.

Here at PureBarber Inc, we pride ourselves on creating innovative styles for the modern man, as well as adhering to the latest and future trends. For us, a great sense of style and a fashionable smart appearance is ubiquitous with a fresh trim. Offering a range of classic and modern cuts, we can do shaves, fades, flat tops, rockabilly pompadour and everything else in between. We want to make you

feel like you are your best self before, during and after your haircut, that is why we not only offer talent but a pristine, well-kept and stylish barbershop you can relax in.

Barbering since 1992, Tom quickly mastered his trade when he joined Fabios in 1999. Utilising these years of experience and being a barber in the cultural hot pot of the 90s, Tom can easily adapt to new and modern hairstyles with the snip of his scissors. Nothing makes him happier than establishing friendships with clients and meeting new people.

We are all individual characters that add a little something to the shop. We are all great in our own way, creating, innovative haircuts, people will follow the individual they feel most comfortable and click best with. We have bags of experience and the one thing we all have is Talent.